An Adventure in Sport

Sports has always been a part of my life, not always an accolade-filled part of my life, but always an important part.  I remember being a 7th grader and dreading the moment that Jason Miller would come barreling around the end of the offensive line where I was supposed to tackle him.  I have always... Continue Reading →

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Clean Your Shop Dad!

I have always hated cleaning.  I told my wife a few years ago that she could ask me to cook, she could ask me to build, she could ask me to fix, but I would not clean.  That lasted about three seconds, which set a poor precedent in our marriage, but that is a story... Continue Reading →

That’s not a Toad!!

I know that I told this story as part of a larger story a few months back, but I thought it needed its own spot on my page.  Sometimes a story stands on its own. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest for a total of about 15 years of my life... Continue Reading →

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