Grudge Match

Who would win between the will and the heart?  Probably the one that has been fed and cared for.  As I write this I am trying to re-establish some healthy habits in my life that have been lost at various points of my adulthood.  The reason that they have lost is not because of some... Continue Reading →


A Fierce Surprise

Two nights ago we had a meeting of "The Wolverines", a fierce group of boys that get together to start to figure out what it means to be men.  We played a game in which we turned out the lights and let them run around the building and get chased with guys carrying flashlights.  Then... Continue Reading →

Unused Power

As I sang a Matt Maher song this morning with my daughter in my arms I ran into a common problem of mine.  It is a problem that I normally have when a movie or a lyric alludes to the relationship between and father and son, or a father and daughter.  The lyric that I... Continue Reading →


Prayer MisperceivedI have always been told that prayer is a life changing practice, but the kind of prayer that I have experienced in my life could be described as anything but.  I would not dare to judge or criticize those that pray in the way that discourages me because often I am accused of praying... Continue Reading →

More text then facebook

I thought that a blog site might help me to use more space to state my opinion on many different subjects.  I have found that Facebook cannot possibly hold all of my thoughts.  I will hopefully be able to post on weekly basis, I would also hope that this is a place for dialogue more... Continue Reading →

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