Unused Power

As I sang a Matt Maher song this morning with my daughter in my arms I ran into a common problem of mine.  It is a problem that I normally have when a movie or a lyric alludes to the relationship between and father and son, or a father and daughter.  The lyric that I could not get out of my mouth this morning was “for all the fatherless looking for approval, for all the daughters who never heard their beautiful”…..

I am such a sap, I start choking up.  My wife knows this about me, it is my kryptonite.  Maybe it stems from the fact that I have been working with youth for fifteen years.  Maybe it is just that I am a parent of three boys and a girl.  I am not sure that some parents understand the power they wield.  As a youth pastor I can tell you first hand that a girl will have sex with a boy simply because a father would not let them know they are valuable whether through words or actions.  A boy will enter a performance/disappointment cycle simply because a parent would not tell them they were good enough.

This power could be changing the world for good, and yet it seems to be causing a great deal of destruction.  Parents don’t need to move buildings with their thoughts, they simply need to affirm what is true of their children, they are worthy of their parents love.  Too many times I have seen that a parent never felt worthy of their own parents love, so they don’t feel as though they have anything to pass on.  As someone that has worked with so many children and parents let me empower you right now, you are worthy of love, now please let your kids know that they are today.


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