A Fierce Surprise

Two nights ago we had a meeting of “The Wolverines”, a fierce group of boys that get together to start to figure out what it means to be men.  We played a game in which we turned out the lights and let them run around the building and get chased with guys carrying flashlights.  Then we asked them to something that might seem impossible for most parents, we asked them to clean up.  We not only asked them to clean up the mess they made, we asked them to clean the entire building to get it ready for Sunday.  Here is the funny part, they did it… and they liked it.  

I was asked one time by a parent how I could get kids to go on mission trips and work for a whole week.  I told that parent something that initially offended them, I told them “I am not you”.  I did not mean it as an insult, and believe me I know that the most influential adult in a child’s life is their parent.  I know my own children one day will work harder for someone else than they will for me, that doesn’t change the fact that they love me.  Kids many times will look for other people to mentor them, and will look for ways they can assert their independence.  I don’t look forward to that happening with my own children, but it will and its natural.  

These Wolverines did a great job cleaning the building and they had a great time.  The next morning during announcement time the presenter mentioned that this group of fierce boys cleaned the building.  Then he asked The Wolverines to stand up.  They not only stood up, but they looked proud.  Can you imagine the shock in the room when they found out that the group of people in the building that normally gets blamed for destroying it, actually cleaned it.


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