Grudge Match

Who would win between the will and the heart?  Probably the one that has been fed and cared for.  As I write this I am trying to re-establish some healthy habits in my life that have been lost at various points of my adulthood.  The reason that they have lost is not because of some circumstances outside of my control.  I could have found ways to meet with God, eat better, exercise more even after my mornings were stolen by crying children.  

Why do I have visions of American Idol and Snooky in my mind when this question comes up?  Probably because the media today tells us that our heart will lead us, that we deserve what we want, that if I want it bad enough I can have it.  These are the cries of an indulged heart and a weak will, and yet when I watch some of these shows my heart will quietly cry “that’s right, you deserve good things”.  

I know that I am only strong because God makes me strong, that is the struggle that I live with.  Realizing that on the other side of telling my emotions to shut up is God providing the strength to get the job done.  Not that my emotions are bad, they just keep beating the snot out of my will. 


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