The Art of “Shut Up”

My wife told me once that the worst time to catch me is after a cup of coffee because I don't shut up.  On our honeymoon she asked herself what she was getting into when we stopped to get a cup of coffee on the way to Denver and I talked her ear off the... Continue Reading →


I’ve Created a Monster!

Four Inch teeth and a devious smile, greasy black and brown fur, ten feet tall and ready to eat me.  Looking for a vulnerable place to attack and destroy me, waiting patiently.  I am outmatched and need to find a place to hide, or develop a game plan to put this monster back in its... Continue Reading →

I can’t find my I.D.

When I was in grade school I wanted to be known as a soccer player.  When I was in middle school I wanted to be known as the guy who was not known so I would stop getting beat up.  In high school I wanted to be known as an athlete, but it turned out... Continue Reading →

My Little Retirement Plans

I never thought about having four children when I conceived (pun intended) of a family.  I never thought about having three boys and a girl.  I never thought about having one child from Vietnam.  I know that this post wil pertain more to parents than to youth but this is the stage of life that... Continue Reading →

Sports, TV, Coffee, or Carbs

I asked my brother once what sort of new years resolution that he was making.  He said "I'm giving up smoking".  To which I responded "you don't smoke".  To which he responded "I know, its going really well". The season of Lent is upon us, and for most evangelicals that means nothing.  I have always... Continue Reading →

Laughing at Ourselves

Christian culture is the funniest of all cultures.  I can find a Christian wife online (I didn't), I can buy Christian jewelry, I can listen to Christian radio that tells me who the Christian businesses are that I can trust.  I can wear Christian T-shirts and listen to Christian music.  There are Christian clubs, Christian... Continue Reading →

On the Lighter Side

I am constantly amazed at the connections that children make.  I know that my children are not perfect and there may have been other children that have come before them that are more brilliant (Maybe).  I would love to take an entire blog to tell you about the funny things that my children have said... Continue Reading →

Cable Cars

Several years ago "The Fray" wrote a song called Cable Cars that had as its chorus the line "Everyone knows I'm in over my head".  Four years ago I entered into a time in which that was the case and I could not get that song out of my head.  It so well described my... Continue Reading →

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