Cable Cars


Several years ago “The Fray” wrote a song called Cable Cars that had as its chorus the line “Everyone knows I’m in over my head”.  Four years ago I entered into a time in which that was the case and I could not get that song out of my head.  It so well described my position at the time.  I was able to talk to a few people that were outside of the situation in order to gain perspective.  Without an outside perspective I would have continued to created an inner world for myself that would have had as its king a person full of self loathing.

How often does it happen in our lives that something happens or a darkness overcomes us, and instead of moving outward we move inward.  We somehow convince ourselves that the answers can be found within our own psyche.  I would not deny that many of us are intelligent enough diagnose our problems, but we are too bias and involved to be able to have an objective view on what the issue is or how to deal with it.

Please learn from my experience, talk to someone who will be honest with you.  While we are intelligent, we are bias.  We were not created to live our lives in isolation.  I know that it might be easy to go talk to the people that “accept you for who you are”, but in times like this you need someone that loves you, accepts you, but will be objective and tell you the truth.  We were not created to allow the hurts that happen to us decide who we are.  Our identity is found in something much greater than that.


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