On the Lighter Side

tagI am constantly amazed at the connections that children make.  I know that my children are not perfect and there may have been other children that have come before them that are more brilliant (Maybe).  I would love to take an entire blog to tell you about the funny things that my children have said but I have been told that blogs need to be relatively short in order to keep interest alive.

Now I have to make sure that anyone that reads this understands that you cannot tell my youngest son I told you this.  When he told me what I am about to tell you I laughed so hard that I embarrassed him.  I find it highly ironic that my child that consistently says the funniest things gets embarrassed when you laugh to hard at his jokes.

So when my son told me on Sunday morning that he had invented a new game I asked him what it was.  Usually the games don’t make sense, or the rules are unclear.  However I don’t even think I need to tell you the rules after I tell you what the game is, that is how good it is. So without further ado my sons new game that I have not had the courage to play with him yet is “wedgy tag”.


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