Laughing at Ourselves

Christian culture is the funniest of all cultures.  I can find a Christian wife online (I didn’t), I can buy Christian jewelry, I can listen to Christian radio that tells me who the Christian businesses are that I can trust.  I can wear Christian T-shirts and listen to Christian music.  There are Christian clubs, Christian Coffee shops, and Christian fast food.  There was even an attempt at a Christian version of Facebook at one point.

I remember back when I was told that I should wear In and Out Burger T-shirts because the were a Christian burger joint.  I also remember a time not too long ago when I was told that I could now listen to U2 because Bono was a Christian.  As a pastor I think I spend more time dispelling myths about what it means to be Christian based on people’s Christian culture baggage.   

Honestly I love to hear the story about a group of guys that get together at a local coffee shop or pub in order to hold each other accountable to pursuing God.  I love to hear the stories about the churches that show God’s mercy in their community without wearing the Christian T-shirt or telling everyone what church they go to.  Christian culture closes those doors because it tells people that we are more concerned about upholding out culture than reaching out into theirs.



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