My Little Retirement Plans

I never thought about having four children when I conceived (pun intended) of a family.  I never thought about having three boys and a girl.  I never thought about having one child from Vietnam.  I know that this post wil pertain more to parents than to youth but this is the stage of life that I am in.  I have almost 38 years on this planet and it feels like 42 because each first year with each of my children felt like at least two.

I joke with my friends that they are my little retirement plans because by the time each of them are independent adults, Suzie and I will not be able to be independent adults.  I see great things in all of my children and I know that they will continue to be a blessing to me as adults, even if I don’t agree with everything that they do.

I do however question that last paragraph when I see my youngest try to eat dog food, or play in dog vomit.  I question also when one of my children decides that the curtains are for swinging on.  I even question their ability to live a viable adulthood when one of my children can’t seem to talk anymore without mentioning his private parts.  Note to self, when you dare a 5 year old to moon someone be prepared for them to actually do it.  Here’s to hoping that they will live to question their kids behavior.

By the way, I know that mentioning dog vomit may not get you to do this; but on the bottom right hand side of the screen you can click follow.  That way whenever I post you will be notified.


One thought on “My Little Retirement Plans

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  1. How old do you think we will be when our kids enter adulthood??? I have plans husband. BIG PLANS that include you, me and no kids…until they have kids, and then I have great plans to bug the snot out of them visiting my grandchildren.

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