I can’t find my I.D.

When I was in grade school I wanted to be known as a soccer player.  When I was in middle school I wanted to be known as the guy who was not known so I would stop getting beat up.  In high school I wanted to be known as an athlete, but it turned out I was known as the amputee.  I didn’t want to be known as the amputee, but it seemed to be a way to get accepted, so I embraced it.  In college I was not sure what I wanted to be known as, I just wanted to be known.  Today, as an adult, I find my identity in what I believe, not it what I do, or in what I want people to believe about me.

Identity is everything, no matter what you believe.  In fact a case could be made that it is a search for our identity that guides us toward what we believe.  I have known people that believe what I would consider to be absolute insanity, yet it gives them a sense of identity and purpose that you cannot argue with.

The reason that you can’t argue with it is because it is no longer an intellectual ascent it has become part of them.  If you couple identity with a sense of belonging you will drive yourself crazy trying to explain to someone why you believe they are wrong and they will not even hear it.

Identity has to be found in something that does not change, otherwise we will at some point in our lives be called upon to change our identity to fit our circumstances.


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