I’ve Created a Monster!

Four Inch teeth and a devious smile, greasy black and brown fur, ten feet tall and ready to eat me.  Looking for a vulnerable place to attack and destroy me, waiting patiently.  I am outmatched and need to find a place to hide, or develop a game plan to put this monster back in its place. 

Such is my life, I create monsters then I try to find ways to hide from them.  You may ask why I would create something that I am required to hide from?  I don’t know!  You would think that anything that I create would be beautiful and I would look for moments to look at it and appreciate it.  And yet I cannot deny that I have created many of these monsters in my life, and I have wanted to hide from them all.

I hate conflict; when I have a conflict with someone, whether they realize that we are having a conflict or not the monster starts to take shape.  The monster is the person that I create on the other side of the conflict.  I start to speculate on their motives, I start to question their priorities, and I start to create a scenario in which this person is my enemy.  Instead, as I have learned recently, I need to set up a time to meet with them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to bring the issue back and find out what is actually going on.  I have found more often than not that the person that I turned into a monster is actually a pretty reasonable person that had no idea the tension that was caused by our last interaction.    I am learning, slowly.  


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