My Wife Would Kill Me

Now that I have your attention.  What would happen if I bought a book on my wife?  I think one should be written, she's awesome.  I could find out what she likes and what she hates.  I could find out her thoughts on many different subjects.  I find out about her past, and her dreams... Continue Reading →


Weight, Yes. Age, No

I have never understood why people get bent out of shape about age, although age does tend to bend the shape.  I cannot control it, time marches on.  Someone told me yesterday that my birthday means I am getting older.  I reject that idea, I just got older as I was typing these last few... Continue Reading →

They’re All Smarter than Me

So tonight I was working on my late posts for my graduate work and my daughter decided to make it interesting.  Nathan decided to make trouble at bedtime so I had to go deal with that.  When I came back my daughter  "helped" me type my work because I left my laptop open on the... Continue Reading →

Skiing, Duct Tape, and a Fake Leg

A friend reminded me the other day about one of my more humorous experiences with having a prosthetic leg.  In 1994 I went skiing with two of my friends, Matt and Chris.  To be honest I am still not sure how we got ski gear, and three people into a 1977 Datsun B210.  Especially since... Continue Reading →

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