Did I Teach Him That


As I was playing with my children’s toys this morning I realized that they were playing with my stuff.  I check out the lego’s, they check out the hammer.  I check out the bakugons, my baby checks out the spatula.  I often wonder if our child’s desire to play with toys is something that we instill in them, they seem to want to play with what we are playing with.  I will however draw the line at my band saw (at least without my supervision).  

If my kids become lazy it won’t be because they tend toward laziness, they are naturally active.  If my kids become complacent it will be because I taught them to be, they are naturally curious.  If my kids become bored it is because I taught them to, they are naturally adventurous.  We can’t claim every damage that our kids have or believe they have, nor can we claim that we are not responsible for our actions.  However, there are things that kids are naturally that they learn not to be sadly.  

I would like to think that I am responsible for my son crawling up on that rock and giving me the strong man pose (this is easily one of my favorite pictures).  Ultimately it is a combination of who God made him to be, how God shapes him, how I shape him, and how the world shapes him.  Hopefully that is in descending order.  


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