And I would have gotten away with it too….

One of my complaints about the modern world is that there is always a wizard behind the curtain, there is always a Mr. Jenkins behind the mask, and there is always someone trying to prove that Mary Poppins umbrella does not work.  Christianity has gotten itself in trouble with this very thing unfortunately.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t think we need to be promoting sorcery, but the idea of magic opens people up to the idea that there is something going on beyond the natural.

Personally, my faith aside (if that is possible), I don’t like the idea of a world in which all there is is the natural.  I love discovering new things through science, and I love the fact that there are so many things that I will never understand.  I have only recently become comfortable with the response “I don’t know” when people ask me divisive theological questions.

If there is nothing else out there than causation is more of a problem not less.  One idea that I have appreciated about some of my studies lately is that the post-modern world is more accepting of the idea of the supernatural.  They are okay saying that Mary Poppins umbrella was magic.  Enjoy the video link below.


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