I’ve been Everywhere Man, and I am Done. Hopefully.

2012-07-23 10.19.58

I love Wyoming; I love the dry weather in and the rocky, rocky mountains.  I love the fact that it is still considered frontier by the U.S. census because there are so few people per square mile.  I love that I could go hiking, fishing, camping and not have to go that far to not run into anyone.

I loved South Dakota, especially the Black Hills.  What an outdoor wonderland; I could go rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, hiking, see national monuments, go to Sanford’s (I miss you Sanford’s, the original in Spearfish not the copies).  I miss Sioux Falls, I don’t think I have ever lived in such a well taken care of city with friendlier people.

I loved living in Puerto Rico, what is not to love about beaches, warm weather, and great people.  I learned how to kiss people hello, point with my lips, and eat plantains in various ways.  I can fully admit that while I loved Puerto Rico and Sioux Falls, I never was very comfortable in those places.  I am a mountain guy at heart, and those places left me surrounded by crowds and corn fields.

I love living in the Northwest, I got up this morning and went for a hike in early march.  I have been known to mountain bike in December here.  I have a place to do both within 2 minutes of my house.  I love the fact that I am a ferry ride from downtown Seattle, and a short drive to the Olympic Mountains.  I love the summers here, and the fact that I am close to salt water.

Mostly I have made some great friends, and met some great people.  No matter how I felt about the geography of the places I have lived, the people I have met defy stereotypes that other put on them.  Why do we like our stereotypes so much?


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  1. There were mountains of course, but compared to Wyoming and Washington they were a little smaller…and more crowded. Have you been back a few times since I was there?

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