Skiing, Duct Tape, and a Fake Leg


A friend reminded me the other day about one of my more humorous experiences with having a prosthetic leg.  In 1994 I went skiing with two of my friends, Matt and Chris.  To be honest I am still not sure how we got ski gear, and three people into a 1977 Datsun B210.  Especially since one of those people is 6’8″ and it was a 10 hour drive.  I had not skied much since I lost my leg, and truth be told I had not went skiing much before I lost my leg.

On the first run of the day my friends, knowing the situation and being good friends, Matt and Chris decided to stick with me on the Park Avenue, the green run.  I struggled to turn one direction but not the other, and when the slope got steeper I hit the deck.  The interesting thing is that my ski didn’t come loose from my binding, my prosthetic twisted in the socket and my ski was sticking up over my head from behind me.

Imagine if you were a skier that day that did not know I had a fake leg.  You would have seen a man with his leg twisted 180 degrees around at the knee sitting on the ground while his friends laughed at him.  Here’s to good friends, they eventually helped me up and I made it to the bottom of the run.  I then proceeded to the rental shop and borrowed a role of duct tape in order that I may be able to ski the rest of the day without losing my leg.  I lost a lot of leg hair that day.

Many people would have considered losing their leg a tragedy in their life, I did for several years.  Of course if I could have my leg back I would, but its not so I had a choice.  I could either move on with my life and let the story of my leg be a testimony to others for good.  Or I could move backward in my life, continuing to relive what happened and let it be a testimony to others of anger, disappointment, and regret.  I know several people in my life that have gone through very rough trials that have come out on both sides of that story.


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