They’re All Smarter than Me


So tonight I was working on my late posts for my graduate work and my daughter decided to make it interesting.  Nathan decided to make trouble at bedtime so I had to go deal with that.  When I came back my daughter  “helped” me type my work because I left my laptop open on the couch.  Asher decided to just stand and watch as this was happening instead of helping his dad out.

I got pretty mad and asked my son why he didn’t move Naomi out of the way, or my computer for that matter.  Then I sat down to go to work again, and my internet connection was shut down so I lost my work.  Biting off a swear word, I pounded the arm of the chair.  My son upon hearing what happened said “well, I guess you will just have to start over”.  This did not make me too happy.  As I am talking to my wife across the room about what happened Asher chimed in again “well maybe you should work somewhere where she can’t get to it”.  Sometimes I don’t like to hear truth.


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