My Old Told My Young Self, My Young Self Told My Old Self


I have noticed lately that I am getting older, but only in the last couple days.  Oh yeah, I have gotten significantly bigger too.  I have been thinking about the dialogue between old and young self lately, here is how I picture it being played out:

OS: Man I used to be good looking

YS:  Yeah, what did you do to me

OS: Same as you did, without the metabolism

YS: Metabawhatsee

OS: Hey why don’t you spend more time figuring out what you are going to be doing in 20 years, and less time looking at and thinking about woman.

YS:  Wait a minute, did you just say there are not going to be women in 20 years, I need a girl friend

OS:  (Silent Disbelief)

YS:  What are you doing now

OS:  Working around Seattle

YS:  Sweet, have you been to any Soundgarden or Pearl Jam concerts?

OS:  Well I’m a Pastor

YS:  Oh, (long pause) I guess not then

I am not sure that either one of these guys was too impressed with each other.


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