What Does a Guy Have to do to Get Some Credit?


So I built a picnic table this winter for the church, which I was pretty proud of.  There are three reasons that I will never be a great woodworker:

1.  My ability (or inability) to notice the details

2.  My absolute impatience to complete a task well

3.  Cheap tools

However in this case I was pretty proud of this table, I felt like I had accounted for the details and I felt as though my tools were adequate for the job.  I did lose some patience near the end which is why the staining job was somewhat shaky.

Here’s the thing, no one believes me!!!  I asked four people what they thought of the new picnic table in the play area of our church and three of them said the same thing.  “It’s beautiful, who made it”.  Initially I thought it was because I didn’t mention that I had built it, but then I realized that it was because they did not believe that I could have.  COME ON!

I don’t think I struggle to greatly with pride but in this case I was upset because when I told them I made it, two of them responded “no really, who made it”.  I think that my reaction had more to do with my pride than my purpose.  My purpose was to build a good table for the play area, my pride wanted it to be noticed as more than a useful piece of furniture.


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