My Wife Would Kill Me


Now that I have your attention.  What would happen if I bought a book on my wife?  I think one should be written, she’s awesome.  I could find out what she likes and what she hates.  I could find out her thoughts on many different subjects.  I find out about her past, and her dreams for a future.  All of this, and I had never met her.

Now imagine I was given an opportunity to meet this woman that I had been learning about, but never met.  When I nervously approach this person that I had been learning about over the last 6 months (I am a slow reader) I can’t think of what to say.  So I tell her all of my problems and ask her to solve them for me.

It is great that I know a lot about her, and it is great that I have studied her.  But when it comes down to it, the relationship that I have with her will be informed by the knowledge I have of her, but it won’t define it.  A relationship with her would include interaction, sacrifice, commitment, passion.  I find myself doing this with God sometimes.


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