Do something really inappropriate today

I am really tired of christians trying to use their morality to save themselves and help them feel as though it gives them value to God and others.  Good news, I have a solution. Do something really inappropriate today and alienate people around you.  I am not asking you to be immoral, I am just... Continue Reading →


I Have To Do This, Don’t I?

 I have been busy lately, so there is my excuse for not updating my blog.  Interestingly I have been busy with many things that are not life and death.  I have been busy with a schedule that I created.  I have made myself busy by the commitments that I have made, and then I told... Continue Reading →

Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Maintenance has always been a problem for me, if something needs to be maintained you should probably find someone else to do it.  Don't get me wrong, maintenance is important, I simply believe that it should not replace creation, improvement, or change. Isn't it wrong to say that If I improve something, then I should... Continue Reading →

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