Stuck in Maintenance Mode

ImageMaintenance has always been a problem for me, if something needs to be maintained you should probably find someone else to do it.  Don’t get me wrong, maintenance is important, I simply believe that it should not replace creation, improvement, or change. Isn’t it wrong to say that If I improve something, then I should accept that it is improved and then simply maintain it.

I believe in creation, improvement, and change, these three terms more adequately describe my make-up than maintainer.  Change breathes life into people and organizations, maintenance alone breathes comfort into people and organizations.  These three words help us to keep our eye on why we do what we do.  Change for change sake is not right, but not changing in order to maintain the status quo, in my mind is a bigger sin.  I would rather change something and stir up the pot then not change anything and risk stagnation and death.  What do you think?


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