I Have To Do This, Don’t I?



I have been busy lately, so there is my excuse for not updating my blog.  Interestingly I have been busy with many things that are not life and death.  I have been busy with a schedule that I created.  I have made myself busy by the commitments that I have made, and then I told people that I was a slave to that creation.  How interesting is that, I made the landmine, and then I jumped on it.  Obviously I have many things in my life that are non-negotiables, those are not what have made me busy.  It is the small weeds that are choking out the big, beautiful flowers.  If I were more serious about my relationships, and the important work of my life, I would not allow those weeds to get into my schedule.  I tend to see my life as a bunch of time slots that are open, instead of viewing it as relationships to tend to.  Should I be subject to time or relationships?  Won’t tending relationships take enough time as it is?


One thought on “I Have To Do This, Don’t I?

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  1. I really enjoyed your image of your life as time slots that are open. I take my selfishness one step farther and view my entire life as “My time” in which people and appointments are residing, whether I have asked them to or not, and it makes me resentful toward them. Thanks for helping me gain a little perspective about those relationships.

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