But I Want Bacon Cheeseburgers Everyday


I am not sure how this happened, but we have cheapened our language to the point that we have changed the definitions of words.  The word right used to be based on the word righteous, which assumed a moral standard and therefore a basis for that moral standard.  Somewhere along the way the word right was changed to have its basis in the word choice.  Right was now determined by whether or not I had options, not whether or not those options were moral.  Then somewhere along the line choice turned into want.  Now right simply means that if I want it I should be able to pursue it regardless of a moral implication.

The implications are so drastic that only the frog in the frying pan can explain its process.  We moved slowly enough that the journey from right to want was missed somewhere in the individual arguments that fought the fight.  I have an a great fear of this because when want and choice determine rights then it not morality and logic that determine rights, it is emotions.

I am not afraid of my feelings or the feelings of others, I know that God has given them to me for a purpose.  However I would never want to use them to determine right for me, they are circumstantial and fickle