International Blend

Maybe God Can Use BaristasOver the last couple of years I have come to believe that there is a balance that we too often upset.  Either we try to accommodate the culture and compromise the message, or the other way around.  I recently came back from Europe and have found an interesting phenomenon happening in... Continue Reading →


Work Without Baggage

I recently went on a trip to a country that is not open to the gospel being preached.  Because of the persecution that they are under, I would consider anyone that works for the gospel to be missionaries.  So in honor of those that I had a chance to support for the last two weeks... Continue Reading →

An Opportunity to Delete

I have been faced with many idiosyncrasy's about myself over the years, and as someone that has a job that involves meeting and working with many people I feel as though there is one in particular that I need to reign in.  I am really good at making the awkward comment, not the obscene, just... Continue Reading →

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