An Opportunity to Delete

I have been faced with many idiosyncrasy’s about myself over the years, and as someone that has a job that involves meeting and working with many people I feel as though there is one in particular that I need to reign in.  I am really good at making the awkward comment, not the obscene, just the awkward.

I love the being able to type out commentaries, blogs, texts, and emails because I have the information right in front of.  I can backspace anytime I want, and frequently do.  If you think my blog is awkward, spend an evening at my house and see how long you can make it without finding a reason to excuse yourself so that you can process the possible meaning of what I just said.

I am not naturally extroverted but I love people, and I think that is the problem.  I made a comment the other day to a friend that I am pretty sure made her unborn child say “you said what?”

No matter how awkward I get I still would rather spend an evening with friends and strangers than by myself.  I know that God intended us to be together in all of our awkwardness, stupidity, and vulgarity.  It is in these moments that we are called upon to remember that we are not all the same, and that none of us (except my wife) are perfect.


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