Work Without Baggage


I recently went on a trip to a country that is not open to the gospel being preached.  Because of the persecution that they are under, I would consider anyone that works for the gospel to be missionaries.  So in honor of those that I had a chance to support for the last two weeks I would like to tell you why I think that missionaries are awesome.  Missionaries have generally given up on things like retirement plans, investment portfolios, comfort food, and 4 bedroom/2 bath homes.  If that were all that I appreciated about them, that would be enough.  They have decided that their comfort and their future is only found in Christ and that is something that I struggle with daily and people still call me pastor.

What I appreciate most about missionaries though is the conversations that I have with them.  They don’t have time or space for baggage, and by that I am speaking of religious and theological baggage.  We, behind the relative safety of our religious freedoms (dwindling as they may be) seem to find time to argue about things that seem relevant to us, but only serve to try to account for our differences or our pride.  There is only one thing that is important to a missionary and that is to make the pure and simple gospel relevant to the culture that they serve.  Muddying the waters with theological or religious dirt simply confuses a message that would be lost in translation.


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