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Maybe God Can Use Baristas

Over the last couple of years I have come to believe that there is a balance that we too often upset.  Either we try to accommodate the culture and compromise the message, or the other way around.  I recently came back from Europe and have found an interesting phenomenon happening in mission work, coffee.  I know that there have been Christian coffee shops open in the states, and I know that this is not a new idea.  The idea of a barista getting in front of an evangelical congregation and telling them that the answer to reaching a country for Christ is coffee seems a little humorous on the surface. 

Leonard Sweet talked about how (rhymes with Farm Trucks) has created a culture of coffee, and that we as Christians can learn a great deal from how Farm Trucks (I refuse to mention their name, and I might get in trouble) has marketed and changed culture.  Coffee does not mean coffee, it means community, it means an open door to dialogue, it means opportunity. 

Sending baristas is not a bad idea I think, lets do there what we should be doing here, engaging the culture on neutral ground.  If we continue to believe that the culture will come to use, we deceive ourselves.  People seem to always fear that the message will get lost if we engage people on neutral ground, or if we use worldly means to win heavenly gains.  I say be shrewd, never lose track of what the ultimate goal of the gospel is, and please remember the only true coffee order is “black”.


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