How Large is Your Backyard?

If there is one characteristic of human nature that I have found to be almost universally consistent it is the fact that everyone has a front yard, a back yard, and a basement.  The front yard is what everyone is allowed to see, the person that we want to convey to the world.  Some people spend a good deal of time maintaining their front yard, because they want people to think that the rest of the property is good, or they just have a great deal of respect for the property that they have been given to steward.

The backyard is where the barbecues happen, this is the place for the people that we let into our lives.  People that maintain their backyard are the people that care a good deal about the people that they let in, or they care about impressing the people they let in, or they simply want to be good stewards like those that take care of their front yard.

Then there is the basement the place that we don’t let people into unless we have to.  This is the part of our lives that we don’t want people to see, the part of our lives that we don’t want strangers or friends to see.  We might let the people we really care about into the house, and make them an integral part of our lives, but the basements remains ours.

But remember when I said that people that realize the property they have are good stewards.  This means that no matter what part of the property we are talking about, none of it is ours.  The basement only looks like a hiding place because we believe that in some way we can hide our pains and secrets.  But the basement is not ours, none of it is, all of it is meant to something greater.  Image


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