Messing with People’s Peace


I know that this might hurt some feelings, but I have to got to get this off my chest.  I have corrected people before, but I feel as though the sentiment that I am about to attack is becoming more prevalent.  The phrase “Everything happens for a reason” needs to go away or be qualified every time it is said.  No one says whose reason, and it seems like everyone is invoking a cosmic force when they say it.  So let me be very clear about my stance on it….

If you don’t believe in a higher being than that phrase is a flat out lie, which is problematic because determining truth and lies without a standard by which to gauge is a mess.  If you believe in a higher power you have two roads that you can take here, the first of which says that good and evil are both working by the actions of one being for its purposes.  The second theistic view is that there is a good God that desires good but has to allow evil that is perpetrated by us or some other forces at play.

God is good and desires good for us all, however everything does not happen for His reasons.  There are other forces out there that are opposed to God, not equal to, but opposed to, and they have their own reasons.  Here is the truth:  EVERYTHING CAN BE REDEEMED.  Not everything happens for good, or in the way that God would desire, but he does want to redeem all things.  Please spread the word, everything can be redeemed, but not everything happens for a reason.


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