Green Lantern Underwear

My son came out this morning to show me his Green Lantern underwear, he was very proud.  Then he proceeded to tell me that if I wanted a pair I would have to be a kid.  Now I will grant you that if I wanted to wear the particular pair that he had on I might be in trouble.  However, I just might make it my mission today to see if I can find Green Lantern underwear in my size. 

I have struggled with the Arrested Development of the past couple of generations, I was one of those people.  Adulthood was not something that I allowed myself to feel part of until I was almost 30 years old.  I still struggle with the cultural expectations of adulthood, but I do not deny that I need to be an adult.  What I struggle with today is that our young people are told that they don’t have to grow up, that they don’t have to get used to the word “no”, that they should have everything that they want.  I truly admire people that are able to ignore the

I am not a killjoy, I want to give good things to my children.  Somewhere along the line our culture decided that the definition of adulthood was the opportunity to make enough money to get anything you want in life.  In fact I believe adulthood to be almost the exact opposite.  Adulthood is more about being content with who you are and what you have and not making more so that you can have more.  I am still going to track down those Green Lantern Undies though. 


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