That’s the Way it Was, And We Liked It



I am that guy, the guy that says “Kids these days…..”  I am having one of those years in which I am feeling as though 38 is 68.  I have convinced myself that it is the hyper speed in which the culture has changed because of the information age, which might be partly true.  

The truth is that I am starting to feel as though I am viewing life from the outside.  As a naturally shy person I tend to start to retreat when there are too many people around.  Then I start to become objective about my position toward others.  I tend to start to view life around me as though I am an observer and not a participant.  I have known people that have done that to the point that they are no longer able to engage people, that is not something I want for myself.  Nor do I believe anyone is meant to be an observer of life.

The people that I have admired the most are those that have engaged the world around them their whole life.  They can’t be objective about the people around them because they are too involved with the people around them.  I see joy in those people that realize that life is meant to be in the trenches of relationships, not on the mountaintop of objectivity.  


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