Faith This, Faith That.



Even considering what I do for a living I have always struggled with doubt, what to believe in, what not to believe in, is belief important.  My stance was always whether or not it was important to choose a faith, and where would that faith take me.  I am a person of great doubt.  The assumption that I always made was that a-theism was the baseline, the starting point, the alternate choice to faith.  I somehow assumed that a-theism was also the non-faith option.

I was watching a video one day about the stance of atheism and the idea that was actually supported and promoted by the atheists was that we are here by chance.  All of a sudden I realized that atheism was not the baseline or even the opposite of faith, it was completely faith.  Whereas my whole life I had struggled with believing in a God that I don’t understanding sometimes, they were believing in chance.


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