Blogging Under a New Name?

I have read a few blogs lately and I have become keenly aware that “Olympic Bart” is not the coolest name out there, and could be a little arrogant sounding.  I was only a para-olympian, which means that the greatest thing that I did to qualify was to get hit by a car.  I could be “Para-Olympic Bart” and put a picture of me in shorts on my front page.  However the reason I chose the name “Olympic Bart” is because I work for Olympic Evangelical Free Church and I thought it would sound better than “Pastor Bart’s Blog”.  I would have chosen that name except I wanted people to read it. 

I know that the people that read this don’t normally respond, but I would like a little feedback here.  Should I change the name of the blog or built my brand on “Olympic Bart”?  Maybe I should go with something more humble like “Regional Qualifier Bart” .  Or maybe even more humble “participation ribbon bart”(all in lower case).  Maybe I should go more abstract and just call it “Freda’s Place”.  Let me know.Image


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