I am Never Going to be New Again


I have come to a conclusion over the last five years and it has changed the way that I look at myself for the good.  I am never going to be new again, and that’s a good thing.  If I were to be transformed into something new, I would just screw that up like I screwed myself up before.

I have become alive, and I have started to realize how I was created to be in the first place, but new is a tricky word.  If by new we mean that I have been given a fresh start on finding out who I have always been, I agree.  If by new I am being told that I can become something different than I have been created to be, I am out.  Like I said, I have not been that faithful to make good on the first start I was given.

How much damage have we done to people when we tell them that how they were made was not good enough, they need to become something different, or they need to ask God to make them something different?  How much good can be done when we tell people that they have always been worthy of love, they were created exactly how they were supposed to be.  Of course we have been damaged, but that is not who we are or how we are supposed to continue on?


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