What Did I Expect?

ImageI recently came back from a two week long mission trip to see my family who had been away themselves for two weeks.  As every husband and father would expect, I thought the house would be clean, dinner would be on the table, my children would embrace me and call me “oh benevolent father”, and my wife would shower me with hugs and kisses.  

I had not slept more than an hour in the last thirty and I was anxious to get home and crash so my expectations may have been a little idealistic (and possibly chauvinistic).  When I dragged my weary bones in the door my sons NAILED me with silly string and squirt bottles, my daughter stared at me like I was a stranger, and my wife looked beautiful, but more worn out than me.  Come to find out it may have been just as hard for my wife to take four young children across country and back than it was for me to go to Europe.

Funny how expectations can kill, it has negatively effected more than one relationship in my life.


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