Look at My Blog, LOOK AT IT!!!


I have learned a few things about blogs since I started.  There are other marketing techniques that I have not bothered to learn about, but the two I have learned from experience are this

1.  Many of you won’t read it unless the title is catchy

2.  Many of you won’t read it unless there is a picture tagged to it

So now I have done both of those things so I hope you will continue.  I have been tweaking how I write my blog since I started.  I love tweaking, I had starting things.  If you asked me to build a new house or fix up an old farm house I would take the farm house every time.  Not because I want to flip it like the fake reality shows on television, but because I believe that restoring something is much more beautiful than building something new.  

What is it about restoration that excites?  I don’t think it is improving on something that something else has done, I think it is because all of us inherently want to believe that nothing is a lost cause.  I also think that most of us feel like there is beauty that is not always fresh and new, but has age and character.  

As an interesting side note, Suzie and I are hoping to close on a 99 year old farm house in the next couple of months.  It looks awesome, and has a great deal of character.  I look forward to uncovering the mysteries and treasures that the house has to reveal to us.  


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