Grammar Bad, Vices Good


So I learned a great deal yesterday about those that read my blog.  Your not so concerned with grammar, but if I mention coffee, drinking, or sex, I get more readers than I have had in a month.  I decided that it is incumbent upon me to try to draw some conclusions about this.  Bear in mind that this is based on a test sample is small so the results might be a little off.

My first conclusion is that somehow the discovery channel has picked up my blog and has marketed it as “The Bootleggers Blog”.  This would explain why the poorly worded title was not a distraction.

A second conclusion I have drawn is that the gentleman that I used for my post has an attraction that I don’t understand.  “The ladies just want to be next to him, the guys just want to be him”.  In the future I will try not to use sex appeal to sell my blog, I apologize for the distraction.

I did mention yesterday that I thought intelligence needed to be put on trial and I was serious.  The qualification that intelligence research uses is the ability to think freely and without encumbrance.   While I believe that intelligence is the ability to think creatively and the ability to retain knowledge.  Intelligence is also wisdom, the ability to consider options and make the best decision.  A process that I believe requires an objective truth.

It seems wisdom is not the measure that people use to measure intelligence anymore but creativity and knowledge.


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