There’s no Hiding It


I have a struggle within me, a struggle that I have operated on since I finally decided to take my faith seriously in 1993 (well I started to anyway).  When I was growing up I started to see Christianity, or at least Christians as fake, or if they weren’t fake there was something seriously wrong with them.  The struggle that I have always had is that I did not want to become one of those Christians that stood out because I was projecting an alternate persona.  If I was going to be a Christian I was going to do it my way.

As admirable as that last statement seemed to me (and maybe to some that are reading this) it was arrogant to say the least.  That does not mean that I had to come to the realization that I had to be like all the cheesy fake Christians that I saw.  There is no “doing Christianity my way”, that can only cause more damage.  There is doing it the way that God would have us do it, or go your own way.  That seems very narrow, but it is true.

I will never forget the conversation that I had with Shane the skateboarding cowboy.  Shane was a walking contradiction to me, he loved rodeo but dressed like a surfer.  I asked him about it once and he told me “that is the great thing about being a Christian, I don’t have to use any of that stuff to tell me who I am, I am a Christian, that is what defines me.  I can dress how I want to.”

There is only one way to come to Christ, but God has created us all differently and that is beautiful.  There is beauty in humbling ourselves to God’s way, that is how the beauty of his creation is seen best.  Now I don’t worry about how I project myself to the world (or at least I try not to), I want Christ to be seen in me.  Hey, I am a Pastor; you had to expect a blog like this every once in a while. 


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