Nailing Jell-o to the Wall


Observation number one: All People Struggle

Observation number two: All People are created differently

Observation Number Three: All People have a different range of experiences (except that one identical twin study)

Observation Number Four: The likelihood of any two people reacting to the struggles in their life exactly the same is next to zero.

Observation Number Five:  Because so many of us are passive-aggressive we like to make assumptions about people in order for us to understand them and sometimes get the advantage.

How does all of this apply to the media though?  For the most part we are not allowed to be part of the lives of those that we consider celebrities.  Even if we were not passive aggressive we are still left with only one response when we see something on tv, online, on the radio.  Throw it, or throw something at it.  What is interesting about celebrity is that slander and gossip seem okay because we cannot interact with the subjects. 

In our interpersonal lives gossip and slander are devastating to relationships.  When a Kardashian stabs her sister in the back, or when the latest celebrity marriage falls apart there is no fall out to saying that “these people” are a train wreck.  The only damage that is invoked is that it reveals our character when we put these people on the judgement seat. 

I have to confess that I made all sorts of assumptions when I watched the video from the MTV awards the other night.  From the moral stand point it was an obvious atrocity that apparently had more layers that I thought.  From the personal stand point I wonder why the people that are involved in these events feel the compulsion to behave that way in public or in private.  Secular culture would tell us that they are just expressing themselves, and the person is not damaged, just eccentric. 

Who are we kidding, we are all damaged in someway; and lets face it, that damage can make us a little eccentric.  I have to confess that the damage conveyed on tv does not surprise me anymore, did we really think that entertainment would always take the high ground? 

Hope is not something that happens in an absence of pain and hurt and moral degradation.  Hope is something that helps us to see that regardless of what happens in this world, what happens to us, there is something that is at work to produce something beautiful.  There is something to look forward to, if we choose it. 

So if you are looking for the entertainment industry to give you a glimmer of hope, or the political arena, you will have a long wait.  Hope is eternal, the entertainment and politics will last as long as the jello. 


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