The Really Big Stuff


There are a few things in this life that are worthy of putting everything on the line for.  I know that we can think of many things that are worthy of total selling out for, but when you really think hard and come up with a list there really is only a few things that matter.

I have in the past made an argument for a house, a car, a good job, money, mountain bike.  I now live in a small 3 bedroom rental, I have a job I love, but being a pastor will never make me rich (never thought it would), my mountain bike has not been ridden more than once this last year (so very sad).  I own a minivan (man card revoked, even if I try to call it my swagger wagon) rather than the Toyota Tundra than I wanted.  And yet I am doing fine.

I could starve tomorrow and yet these things will not be able to be taken from me.  Everything could be taken from me tomorrow and this stuff will still remain.

Love:  Not love of stuff, but relational love.  Not self serving love, sacrificial love.  Not passive love, active love.  Not uninvolved love, in-your-face love.

Hope:  Not temporary hope, permanent hope.  Not this-decision-matters hope, my life matters hope.

Faith:  Not the-chair-will-hold-me faith, There is something bigger than me faith.  Not eat, drink and be merry faith; faith in the eternal.

They are not visible, yet they are more real than the house I am sitting in, the computer I am writing on, and the coffee that I am about to drink.


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