A New Look, A New Title

Hello Everyone,I wanted to take a moment to let you know why the new name and why the new look.  I have come to realize that I need to make this blog more of a personal blog than a blog that is associated with a particular organization.  Please as you read this understand that this... Continue Reading →


Everyone, and I Mean Everyone is Religious

Whenever I hear people say things like "religion is the opiate for the masses", or "religion is dead", or "religion is for suckers" I have to laugh and cry at the same time.  As the title of my blog states everyone is religious.   We all have a framework for our lives that dictates our... Continue Reading →

Funny Perspective

 I was a mountain biker once, I would like to think I will be again.  Four young children and seminary have kept me off the trails for the last year, but I will return.  During this previous life I was mountain biking in the coastal mountains above McMinnville, OR and I ran into a fellow... Continue Reading →

So How Do I Contact You Again?

When I started my career students did not have cell phones for the most part.  The students that did were the ones that had parents that wanted to be able to contact them.  A couple of years later everyone had cell phones and we had to start talking about phone etiquette.  At that time calling... Continue Reading →

So Let me get this straight.  Many years ago a man created a comic book character.  That character became popular so that man created more characters each with their own story and their own world.  Then for the sake of boosting sales, that person (or that persons successor) decided to take those characters, each with... Continue Reading →

I Am No Longer Smart

So I went down to (insert mobile phone carrier here) to ask them to start two new contracts with standard cell phones.  This effectively ended my relationship with smart phones, and kept my wife in the dark ages where she has been her entire cellular life.  We did this because of the savings and the... Continue Reading →

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