Ultimate Power (Maniacal Laugh)


Yesterday I was shopping for paracord bracelets for my sons because Asher loves survival shows and Isaac saw that his cousins had one.  Nathan was somewhat oblivious which is okay right now because his hands and wrists are so small that it would serve as an arm band more than a bracelet.

So as my sons are looking at guns, knives, and bracelets Isaac asks Asher if he could have anything in the world what what would it be?  Asher immediately says “Power!”  As a father I am not really excited about having a maniacal dictator on my hands.  I was just getting ready to ask Asher why he would want power so that I could help him understand that power was not the most important thing in the world.  Then my oldest son asks my youngest son “what kind of power do you want?”  to which my youngest son responds “stretchy power!”…….. Crisis Averted.


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