I Am No Longer Smart


So I went down to (insert mobile phone carrier here) to ask them to start two new contracts with standard cell phones.  This effectively ended my relationship with smart phones, and kept my wife in the dark ages where she has been her entire cellular life.  We did this because of the savings and the realization that 90% of the time my smart phone data was coming from a wifi signal and not (previously mentioned mobile phone carrier). 

So in order to go back to two standard cell phones I had to run the gauntlet, of guilt and mockery.  (Mobile phone carrier) could not believe me when I told them that 75% of the time I was online it was via a computer.  And as I mentioned before they did not believe that of that 25% that I used my phone 90% of that was via wifi.  That leaves me with a grand total of 2.5% of my online time actually using my phone on a data plan.  I was paying $30 a month ($360 a year) for that 2.5% of my online time.

I am not trying to indict the culture here (but really I am) this is more about me deciding that money and planning were going to trump convenience and cool.  My wife and I are on cell phones again which means we will be checking movie times, email, and facebook before we leave the house, and then not checking it again until we get home (or any number of wifi spots).  Since we have a GPS we will be able to find our way afar and back again.  The rest of the time will be spent explaining to people why we don’t have smart phones, at least (mobile phone carrier) prepared me for the shame and mockery today so I am prepared. 


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