Snap, Jump, Slide, Shoot!


I was playing Eagle Eye with my sons and niece and my first thought is to beat them all so that they know who is the best at this childhood game.  I tried repeatedly to explain to them that the point of Eagle Eye is to get to the eagle eye and tag him or her without being seen.

So I crouched at the ready.  I was going to show them how to win the game.  My son Isaac is the eagle eye and he has just determined that he cannot find me so he closes his eyes and starts to count.

Eagle Eye One…. I push off my back leg and start my assault on the vulnerable target

Two….  I round the corner of the hedge and start my sprint toward my son and his turned back

Three….. Snap! All of a sudden I cannot step down with my right leg

Four….. Jump, Jump,

Five ….. Eagle eye Dad on the ground without the bottom half of his leg.

So as you have pieced together my leg snapped again and I slid within two feet of tagging my target to win the game like a base-runner that started his slide too early.  I have been without my right lower leg for 22 years now and I still do not like to go without my prosthesis.  I know that I can survive without it but I like being part of the land of the walking.

I remember when I was in college and I had a dream that made me whip my leg around so fast that it slammed into the cinder-block wall next to my bed.  I woke up the next morning and found that the golf ball size knot that the dream created would not allow me to walk.  I had to go without my prosthesis for several days and I hated every minute of it.

With the job I do, the life I live, and the advances that we have today I could live a long and productive life without my leg.  Sometimes I forget the lesson I learned 20 years ago that my leg is not the source of my life.  Sometimes it takes a game of Eagle Eye to remember that .


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