Shoe Obsessions, Sword Fighting, and Minnie Mouse


So let me get this straight:  My daughter was socially conditioned to like Minnie Mouse over Mickey, pink over blue, shoes over cars.  Okay the last one seems just quirky, but my daughter loves to pick out shoes.  She is 16 months old and she will see shoes in a store and grab them and start putting them on.  Women and shoes, that one might be culturally conditioned, but 16 months seems really early.

My sons love sword fights, wrestling, building things and destroying things.  Honestly my daughter loves wrestling, if the boys are jumping on dad, so is she.  This is not a posting just to talk about my children, although I love to do that.  I feel as though something is being stolen from all of us and I am not sure how so many of us have been so flippant about letting it go, its our identity.

Think about this: secularism tells us that our identity is defined by our relationship to the world around us.  That means that who we are is only defined by the influence of the world and the people around us.  My only value is to be found by how society and culture has shaped me.  From that stand point I would say it would be sinful to allow anyone to tell my children who they are before they can determine that themselves, why would I try to tell anyone who they are?

There is another viewpoint however.  This viewpoint states that who I am is not determined by how the world shapes me and defines me.  Who I am has value no matter what society says about me.  Who I am is not just a random mixture of chemicals that have formed and only takes shape when the other random mixture of chemicals around me give it value.

I choose the latter, not because its better, but because it is true.  Okay I am also choosing it because it is better.  If evolutionary science and secular humanism were correct who cares if my daughter has a shoe fetish or a Minnie Mouse obsession.  That is the trick of secular humanism, it says that we shouldn’t influence anybodies search for identity, but at the same time it does not really give us a good reason why it matters.


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