So Let me get this straight.  Many years ago a man created a comic book character.  That character became popular so that man created more characters each with their own story and their own world.  Then for the sake of boosting sales, that person (or that persons successor) decided to take those characters, each with their own story, and put them together to form something called “The Justice League”.

Now from their we progress a few years, and a couple of television shows were made, then a movie or two was made.  Based on the success of these movies they made a cartoon.  Then based on the success of the cartoon they decided it was time to launch a lego version of the cartoon/comic book character.  Now that we have seen the success of the lego’s and the cartoons and the movie, they have taken the next step to make cartoon movie of the lego comic book character.  How far away from reality have I traveled at this point.

So here is the summation the end product is a movie based on a toy that is based on a cartoon that is based on a comic book.  I wish I could successfully find a lesson in all of this.


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