So How Do I Contact You Again?


When I started my career students did not have cell phones for the most part.  The students that did were the ones that had parents that wanted to be able to contact them.  A couple of years later everyone had cell phones and we had to start talking about phone etiquette.  At that time calling people or emailing them was appropriate, I would get pretty good retention on email.

About 5 years ago I was talking to my high school ministries director while I was driving in my car about a mission trip coming up.  He was maintaining, while I was talking to him, a text conversation with one of the girls in the youth ministry.  He said the most interesting things.  He said “you know, if I called her she would not answer.  If I text her I can have an entire conversation.”  Texting was about convenience, I can respond when I want to, and I could consider my response.  At that time, I would facebook people information about what is going on because texting large amounts of info was difficult and people were not checking their email anymore, or they were constantly getting new email accounts.

Today I am totally lost.  I finally got a smart phone awhile back thinking that would help me to be able to email and facebook people on the fly thereby creating better communication.  Well now people are not responding to any one particular method of communication.  I read a Luann cartoon the other day that summed it up so well.  Some people love to communicate via facebook, some via twitter, some via email, some via text, and some actually want a phone call.  20 years ago (only 20) the method was phone call and… actually going by and visiting people.  Today there are so many ways to communicate that people order their communication like they order their coffee “I like it the way I like it”.

Finally I am left to wonder if my communication plan is not working is it because I have done something to offend someone, am I picking the wrong communication method, or did the communication method that I use actually offend someone.  So if you read this blog please know that I went back to my cell phone last week partly because I realized that I had no chance of keeping up.  Its weird, I have not missed that smart phone at all.


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