The Nature of Crazy

As I flew through the air I actually had time to think about what was going to happen next.  For those of you that have been launched off of or out of some form of transportation you may understand the moment I am referring to.  When I was in high school I actually had a... Continue Reading →


One Event

It seems that we are all one event for a different point of view, one event from being free of a misconception or burdens by a new problem.  I remember the day that I lost a job that I had, I was free.  The amount of stress that I had for the months before hand... Continue Reading →

Exploding Onions of Fire

So now that I have your attention, some observations about food and God.  As I was sitting today watching the onion volcano in front of me I was struck by the idea that I now require my food to entertain me, or at least the cook to entertain me.  The cook was great by the... Continue Reading →

Bart, You are a Grown Man!!

I am now 38 years old.  I had an epiphany yesterday that in a couple of years I will be closer to retirement age than high school graduation age.  So the other night I had to catch a shuttle from the gas station about a quarter mile from my church.  I parked at the church... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Gasoline, Water

Which is more expensive per gallon from the store:  coffee, gasoline, or water?  I was given a "coffee maker" the other day that is basically a water heater.  You heat up the water and then put small packets of instant coffee from a popular coffee company (we all know who I am talking about).  Besides... Continue Reading →

To Be a Child

As I was trying to get to the bottom of the phrase "in the Lord" this morning my daughter wanted to climb into my lap.  I responded by pushing her away and saying quite angrily "get away I am trying to understand the love of God".  Okay maybe I didn't do that.  As she sat... Continue Reading →

What it Means to be Human

Did you know that there is a field of thought out there that says that reality is defined by our language and relationships?  I am not saying that I agree with that sentiment, but I like to ponder the idea.  In a sense we don't truly live without a method of articulating what our senses... Continue Reading →

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